It started as a desire to bring performance where there was none. To breathe life into a stale domain. To turn backyard gatherings into legendary celebrations. It started with a crawfish boiler and quickly became a name synonymous with masterfully crafted outdoor cooking appliances. We’ve designed Breauxs Cooking Machines™ for discerning outdoor chefs who take immense pride in the food they serve. Every detail, from the intense, quickfire heat on our Turbo Jet Cookers to the patent-pending pot on the Crawfish Boiler, has been thoughtfully crafted for a premium cooking experience. We lead with innovation that revolutionizes the way you prepare your food, followed quickly by rugged, lasting construction. The result is a line of Cooking Machines forged to perform for a lifetime. We back this promise forever with a Lifetime Rust-Free Guarantee that covers everything from the hand-welded, no-rust aluminum and stainless steel down to the corrosion-resistant nuts and bolts. Every day we seek to bring this same level of ingenuity and quality to new appliances. Machines that turn outdoor cooks into legends.