Breauxs Crawfish Boilers

It’s Not a Party Without Your Breauxs

Hand-welded with no-rust aluminum, Breauxs Crawfish Boilers are made for unforgettable parties. Available in two sizes, these rugged propane Cooking Machines™ can handle everything from low-key backyard celebrations to epic blowouts for your entire neighborhood. Every last detail is designed to outperform and outlast, so you can sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy hosting a lifetime of crawfish boils.

  • 180-Quart Crawfish Boiler

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  • 90-Quart Crawfish Boiler

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Lifetime Rust-Free Guarantee

Buy a Breauxs 100% aluminum Cooking Machine™ with stainless steel burners and corrosion-resistant nuts and bolts, and we will back it for a lifetime of legendary parties, guaranteed.


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