10 Dishes to Savor Leftover Crawfish — If You Have Any

No matter how tasty the crawfish boil, a good host will likely have some crawfish leftovers, even after every guest has had their fill. After all, it’s far better to have too much rather than too little, especially when it comes to feeding a crawfish-hungry crowd. Still, letting these succulent mudbugs go to waste is about as taboo as showing up to the boil without a six-pack in hand.

These leftover crawfish recipes are the perfect way to savor your extras for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may even consider throwing in an extra sack next time. Have some leftover sausage, corn and potatoes from your crawfish boil as well? We’ve got some suggestions for those, too.
Prepared Crawfish Omelet Recipe from The Southern Thing The Southern Thing

1. Crawfish Omelette

What better way to wake up the day after a crawfish boil than with more crawfish? This omelette recipe kicks up your boil spices with a dash of Cajun seasoning and your favorite hot sauce. We’d suggest throwing in some diced onions and Cajun belle peppers for some added flavor. Make the Recipe
Prepared Eggs Trivette (a.k.a. Crawfish Eggs Benedict) recipe from The Brewer & the Baker The Brewer & the Baker

2. Eggs Trivette (a.k.a Crawfish Eggs Benedict)

This twist on a brunch classic is perfect for when your overnight guests awake from their food coma just before noon the next day. It’s also not nearly as complicated as the name makes it sound. The hollandaise sauce takes minutes to whip up, and the rest is as easy as cooking an egg and toasting an English muffin. And, of course, frying up some bacon—because pork is the perfect complement to crawfish. Make the Recipe
Prepared Andouille Sausage Scramble From The Framed Cooks, Pictured with Shrimp The Framed Cooks | Pictured with Shrimp

3. Andouille Sausage and Crawfish Scramble

There’s no reason your sausage should get left behind. We already know it plays well with the crawfish flavors, so toss some into a scramble alongside your mudbugs and you’ll have a hearty breakfast. You can even salvage your potatoes by whipping up a batch of home fries to complete the breakfast. Make the Recipe
Prepared Cajun Crawfish Salad Recipe from Saveur Saveur

4. Cajun Crawfish Salad

Adapted from a homegrown Louisiana classic, this recipe can be served on a bed of lettuce as a side salad, on a toasted roll for lunch or on top of a cracker as a snack. The recipe calls for Tabasco sauce, but you can make it your own with the hot sauce of your choice. Or, skip it altogether to give your taste buds a break. Make the Recipe
Recipe: Acadian Table, Photo: George Graham

5. Crawfish Boil Chowder

This recipe was designed to use every last part of the boil, so not an ounce (or a minute) will go to waste. You may want to plan ahead to make sure you have all the right veggies and sausage on hand, which will save you even more time the next day. Beyond that, all you’ll need is some heavy cream, flour, butter, and a shake of salt, pepper and hot sauce to round out the flavors. Make the Recipe
Prepared Crawfish Bisque Recipe from Southern Living Recipe: Southern Living, Photo: Greg Dupree, Styling: Heather Chadduck

6. Crawfish Bisque

As with most bisques, the hands-on time for this dish is more intense than some of the other recipes, but the creamy and flavorful results will be worth it. Maybe hold off on making it until you have a date or some in-laws to impress. And they will be impressed. Especially if you serve it up with some fresh-from-the-oven cornbread. Make the Recipe
Prepared Mini Crawfish Pies Recipe from Louisiana Cookin' Louisiana Cookin’

7. Mini Crawfish Pies

Keep the party going with these delicious appetizer pies. They are perfect for a brunch buffet or even as a half-time snack during the big game. Cut down on prep time even more by picking up ready-to-use mini pastry cups. We like to use phyllo dough cups. The flaky, delicate sheets let the crawfish flavor really come through. Make the Recipe
Prepared Voodoo Crawfish Enchilada Recipe from Heat Seekers Heat Seekers

8. Voodoo Crawfish Enchilada

Tex Mex meets Cajun in this cheesy dish. Four different types of hot peppers (plus red bell peppers for the weaker hearts) crank up the heat. Want to really climb the Scoville scale? Leave the seeds in your peppers. Garlic, shallots, and a blend of other herbs and spices complete the flavor fiesta in this crowd-pleaser. Make the Recipe
Prepared Crawfish Fettuccine Recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen Spicy Southern Kitchen

9. Crawfish Fettuccine

Creamy, rich comfort food is a Southern staple, and this pasta dish hits all the marks. Velveeta cheese may raise the eyebrow of an Italian or two, but it blends perfectly with the Cajun seasoning, sour cream and tender crawfish. Mix up a big pot for a special family dinner, or double the recipe and invite your friends over for another round of crawfish. Make the Recipe
Prepared Crawfish Etouffee Recipe From Kitchen Belleicious Kitchen Belleicious

10. Crawfish Etouffee

This simple but classic dish is the perfect weeknight meal following a Sunday afternoon crawfish boil. Tomatoes, onions and celery brighten up the seafood flavors, while a dash of hot sauce brings the extra spice. Toss your rice in a rice cooker as you prepare the etouffee and you’ll be ready to eat in 30 minutes. Make the Recipe